Our space games

Fed by the Sci-Fi universe, we’re great fans of the classics such as the Metabarons by Jodorowsky, Dune by Frank Herbert, the Foundation series by Isaac Azimov, … We’re also lovers of the comics genre: Valerian created by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières and all Moebius’ works.

In our space games, we tend more towards « Retro futurism » to separate ourselves from the current trend of Science-fiction focused « hard science », to approach more lively visuals and to pay tribute to the Franco-Belgian SF heritage. Based on those imaginative concepts we’ve created our own intergalactical universe.

After a long period of spatial expansion and colonization followed by a cataclysmic regression, the human species has evolved into several distinct subspecies. A few millennia ago, a major conflict between a multitude of these emerging civilizations consumed the entire Galaxy.

However, this war had a winner, the Konsortium, which now asserts its authority thanks to the Ambrosium, the most desired resource in the galaxy, which allows supra-lumik travel and for which it holds the commercial monopoly. The baronies have established themselves on the periphery of the New Dawn Alliance, where the influence of the Konsortium is reduced.

Are you greedy for speed and freedom? Discover Light Trail Racing project (work in progress), a multiplayer arcade racing game with infinite replayability. Will you dare to take the lead and design freely the track in real time as the race progresses? Or will you prefer to chase the leader and attempt everything to overtake it? It’s up to you to choose your strategy!

Become a mercenary driver and join one of the baronies representative.There is no finish line in the arena as the race track is not predefined. So as a pilot, you have a certain score to reach to win the race. Take part in a no-holds-barred! Eject your rivals from the track, create shortcuts or use boosts to outplay them!


Nexium rush


Battle in 1vs1 in this Hybrid MOBA RTS PC game for free

Beyond the Void is a new strategy PC game in space, with MOBA and RTS mechanics. It is a unique combination of strategy, action and competition. Venture out into a new galaxy and experience the thrill of being a Captain who leads epic space wars in 1vs1. Design your own strategy and space fleet to become the next warlord who’ll dominate the galaxy!

Select your mothership and its capabilities. You have only one true goal: design and build an invincible fleet to conquer your opponent’s home planet! Now Captain, board your mothership and combine your strategy and resources to take the war beyond the void.