At B2Expand indie studio, we’re great fans of space games, while we’re also passionate about new technology. We are a team of 10 sharing the common vision to reinvent the video game industry by empowering players, with blockchain technology in mind!

Our main mission is to offer empowering experiences by “Bringing back true ownership and peer-to-peer trading to players.”. Our continued efforts on designing a decentralized application called the Nexarium – a companion dapp where players may buy and trade in-game items – is one of the first steps to reach this goal of a transparent and trustworthy digital world.

The indie studio B2Expand was created in January 2017 following an ICO which took place in late 2016. Stemming from a space game project, Beyond the Void was the first French game to be launched on an ICO model which funded the production. Organically, the blockchain is in our DNA, we believe the technology will benefit the players and bring new dynamics in the game industry.
January 2017
On January 2018, we launched our first decentralized webstore featruing Beyond the Void items.
January 2018
With its melding of games and blockchain, our team is committed to contributing to the future of gaming. In that way, we’ve participated in Ubisoft’s start-up program from September 2017 to February 2018.
February 2018
In September 2018, we created, curated and funded the Blockchain Game Summit. We brought together the best experts in blockchain video game industry so they could share their knowledge and start conversations with developers for future collaboration, partnership.
B2Expand gets on board of Blockchain Game Alliance along with 8 industry leaders.
September 2018
Beyond the void was the first title on Steam and was released in October 2018. We are currenlty working on 2 exciting projetcs for PC/Console and the latter to be ported to mobile platform.


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October 2018