Nexarium FAQ

Account & Wallet Creation


What’s a Nexarium account used for?

Your Nexarium account provides access to the full Nexarium ecosystem created by B2Expand: Beyond the Void, Nexarium Decentralized Application, and any upcoming titles that B2Expand develops or publishes.

How do I create a Nexarium account?

Download the Nexarium Decentralized App on Android mobile, or download Beyond the Void (available on the Steam platform), and follow the account creation process when prompted.
Be sure to use a valid email address so you can receive your activation code.

I already have a Beyond the Void account, can I use the same in the Nexarium app?

Yes. Your Beyond the Void account is now part of the Nexarium ecosystem. One account connects you to all Nexarium games, including the Nexarium app.

I already have an Ethereum Wallet, can I use it in Nexarium app?

Yes. Once you are logged in your account in the Nexarium app, you will be prompted to create or recover a Wallet in order to purchase & store game items.
Use the Recover Wallet feature to link an existing Wallet to your Nexarium account.
DISCLAIMER: An account cannot be linked to more than one Wallet. We encourage you to make sure of which Wallet you would like to use before linking one.
DISCLAIMER: Once linked to your Nexarium account, a Wallet cannot be unlinked manually. To unlink a wallet from a Nexarium account, please contact the support team at

How do I create a wallet?

Once you’ve created your account, tap on “CREATE A WALLET” in the Nexarium app.
Take your time reading ALL disclaimers to be sure you are aware of our Terms of Use.
DISCLAIMER: Only you have access to your Wallet login details and back up. If you lose access to your Wallet, B2Expand cannot retrieve the information on your behalf, as stated in our Terms of Use.
When you’re ready to finalize the wallet, click on “I’m ready”, and physically write down the 12 words in a safe place. Keep the information nearby since you’ll need it on the final prompt. Enter the words from their corresponding numbers as you’re asked for them. Finally, create a wallet password (create a secured password different than your Nexarium password), validate your Nexarium account password against the wallet details, and you’re ready to go…

Do I really need to write those 12 words?

Yes. Take a pen and paper to write down your 12 Wallet recovery works. Keep this paper in a safe place. The 12 words list, referred to as a mnemonic or seed phrase, is the only way to recover your wallet from anywhere without a physical savepoint. If your wallet is locked and you’ve lost those words, then your wallet is lost along with any content linked to it.

I’ve got a new phone, how do I import my wallet?

Login your Nexarium account and recover your wallet using your 12 Wallet recovery words.
If you would like to use a different Wallet than on your previous phone, you need to unlink the previous Wallet from your Nexarium account first. This process cannot be done manually, please contact

I’ve lost the access to my wallet, my saves and my 12 recovery words, what can I do?

If your saves and your recovery words are lost, then your wallet is lost along with any content linked to it. B2Expand cannot be held liable for your loss, as stated in the Terms of Use. You may contact the support team to unlink the lost Wallet from your account in order to replace it with a new one (

Can I cancel a transaction?

No. Once a transaction is processed, there is no going back. However, you can always cancel the sell offer of your item if it’s in the Black Market. The cancellation is processed by a new transaction and costs a transaction fee.

Transaction Process


How do I buy items with a Nexarium account?

Once you’ve created your Nexarium account along with your Wallet, you will have to transfer previously purchased Nexiums (Nexarium tokens) and ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange in order to make transactions.

You can buy game items on the Corporation Shop or in the Black Market. Choose the item you’d like and its quantity. Total quantity available for purchase will be dependant on stock. Then click on “buy”.

Why do the transactions take time to process?

Blockchain is the safest network that ever existed ! Each transaction is verified by the whole network before being accepted. As a result, transactions may take time to process (usually 10 to 20 seconds).

Why did my transaction fail?

If you are purchasing an item from the Back market, someone may have done the same transaction moments before you. There is also the possibility of user error, such as entering a wrong number (e.g. more than 4 million Nexium for a sell order, a negative number, etc.).

If you are unsure of why your transaction failed, you can contact our team at

How do I create a Sell Order?

Go to your inventory, choose one item from your inventory, name your price, and create your sell order. Then sit back, relax, and await a fellow  Space Captain to buy it. Make sure to have some ETH on your Wallet, or your transaction may not be transferred properly through space.

Are the number of sell orders created limited by account?

No, as long as you have enough ETH you can create as many sell orders as needed.

Why do I need ETH to make transactions?

Each transaction in the Nexarium app costs a transaction fee. This transaction fee is necessary to sustain the blockchain network, and does not benefit B2Expand. 1GWei = 0.000000001 ETH

Transaction fees must be paid in ETH because the Nexarium app uses the Ethereum netword to process transactions. Fees might be charged in Nexium in a later version of the app.

I’ve just bought new items, why it is not in my Inventory?

Your new items will automatically show up in your inventory once the transaction is processed. You can follow the state of your purchase in the Transaction History.
If your items don’t show up, try to reload the app.

Nexium token


What’s Nexium?

Nexium is the blockchain token created to fuel B2Expand’s Nexarium ecosystem. You can’t mine these, but you can buy them on exchange platforms such as Bittrex, HitBTC, Openledger and Etherdelta. Use your Nexium to buy items in the Nexarium app!

How can I buy Nexium tokens?

Currently the only way to buy Nexium (NXC) is to exchange for them with other cryptocurrencies (such as Ether or Bitcoin) on the following exchange platforms:

Bittrex / OpenledgerHitBTCEtherdelta

We are developing a solution for buying Nexium directly from the Nexarium app.

What can I do with my Nexiums?

Use your Nexiums in the Nexarium app to buy game items. Trade your items with other players in the Black Market tab.

Many New Items to Collect


Which items can I buy on the Corporation shop?

Enjoy the beauty of the latest cosmetic assets manufactured by the Corporation. Discover mothership Skins based on the most advanced technologies in the galaxy, buy an essential Pack to achieve your target rank, and choose an Avatar worthy of the baron you support.

Which items can I buy on the Black Market?

All Captains of the Galaxy gather on the Black Market to sell their own game items. This second-hand marketplace is the perfect exchange for good deals, rare artifacts, or even assets that are no longer available in the Corporation Shop.

Will the item I bought show up in Beyond the Void?

Every item purchased in the Nexarium app will show in Beyond The Void as long as you use the same Nexarium account to login both in the app and in the game.

Are the items I bought linked to my account or my wallet?

Items purchased are stored in your wallet with blockchain technology and are linked to your Nexarium account. Your wallet ensures your true ownership and your account lets you use these items in the Nexarium game environment (like Beyond the Void). This is why it is important to have both a wallet and an account linked together.

How do I activate a rank card to benefit the reductions?

Once purchased, rank cards are automatically implemented and you’re granted any bonuses or reductions. If you are a backer, the appropriate rank card will be automatically paired with your Nexarium account.

How do I choose between all my available rank cards?

When you have multiple rank cards, the best one is automatically activated.

Can rank card effects stack?

No, even if you have multiples copies of a rank card, only one will be activated.